Girlsdating.asia is a top online dating site that focuses on creating real connections for singles looking to find love. The website offers users a number of top features, strong verification of user controls and high security policies. This site is one of the best dating sites for those looking to connect with Asian singles.

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Girlsdating.asia is a dating site for singles that are looking to connect with Asian women.  While visually the site is slightly outdated, the features are high end and up to speed. The site offers all the basic features you expect with an online dating service; the ability to perform refined and advanced searches, easy messaging systems and the option to virtually flirt in the form of sending winks. The site also offers more advanced features such as the browse category; this feature offers a number of really useful ways to enhance the online dating experience. The browser allows users to see who has viewed their profile, keep track of people they like and do not like and see message feeds about improvements and new features added to the site.

Afraid you may end up wasting all your time courting a robot? Not on this site, the verification of users is update and on point. The process includes email verification, manual modification of profile descriptions and ad hoc requests for personal ID when processing payment.

The service also has a high security policy which is always comforting for users who feel strong about anonymity. The site does collect general personal information such as users full names, home addresses, payment information and IP addresses, but this information is not displayed on the site for other users to see and is not shared with any third party organization. This information is kept confident and only shared with your consent. Unless of course a user has committed some sort of crime and legal authorities are requesting information. Otherwise users are safe and secure. Plus all communication between users on the site regardless of the communication method is kept private and confidential.

Lastly, the members are attractive and for the most part seem to have looking to make real connections. And these connections can be created quite fast as the site aims to have profiles approved and ready to be put up on the site within two hours of completion. Now that is good service!



Asiandate.com is an online dating site that has a ton to offer singles that are looking to meet Asian women. It has top features for communicating, searching and matching, while also offer users high security and protection. This website is defiantly one of the best Asian dating sites out there.

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Asiandate.com is a dating site that features Asian women looking to connect with single men from around the globe. This site is update to both visually and in regards to features. When you first visit the site you will notice little pop ups with a picture of a girl, a name and age. This is a great strategy by the company, because before you even entre your name you see a glimpse into what you can expect once you become a member. And it looks pretty awesome.

Once you sign up you will quickly realize that the site has been created by pros and runs flawlessly. Customer service is outstanding, with over 300 expert staff working with site members to create and ensure a successful match making experience. It is obvious that AsianDate is focused on a customer centered approach and this means that communication with between users and administrators is open and strong. Feedback is not only accepted but encouraged. AsianDate also offers users a high level of security and is in full compliance with all the security obligations requirements of United States law.

Asiandate hosts a high number of members, most of which are gorgeous, and the site makes it really easy for users to connect. Users can perform general, advanced and direct searches of the AsianDate database when looking to connect with members. The option save search items is also available to help users search quickly and easily. The site is focused on using keywords and targeted personal information to create the best matches possible.

Communication applications for Asiandate are quite advanced and really offer all the tools a user needs. The inbox service allows users to quickly prioritize the latest letters as well as categorize mail as they please. Users can also chat in real time with the live chat feature described at the beginning of this article.

All and all this site is pretty outstanding. It has all the bells and whistles you need in an online matching making site. Plus it appears to have a high code of ethics and morals, so in conclusion- I approve this site!



Idateasia.com is a top class online dating website that is focused on connecting men from around the globe with Asian women, easily and safely. The site has an extensive catalogue of features that helps members’ court romantic partners both online and off. The site is defiantly one of the best ways to create a relationship online with an Asian lady.

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Idateasia.com is one of the best sites for international dating. The site caters to men from around the globe looking to date women from Southeast Asian. The website is very clean and crisp, both superficially and practically. The site is dedicated to connecting singles as safely and simply as possible.

Initial sign up to become a member on the site is free and all new members have the ability to immediately start browsing profiles by using bonus points and Admirer mail, which are given as a complimentary gift when you sign up. Paid services are available for those who are ready to make a stronger connection. Some of the paid services included livechat, love calls and video shows. Members can also take the virtual experience offline by being able to do things such as send flowers or gifts. The site will connect users with local businesses to make this gesture quick and easy. Plus the site offers a unique twist by hosting a number of festive events throughout the year to keep things exciting.

The women featured on the site are very attractive and seem to be genuinely looking to make real connections and lasting relationships. The search features allow men to find matches that are not only gorgeous but also share the same interests and passions. Idateasia is one of top dating sites and has a strong reputation for creating thousands of successful and lasting relationships.

Security is highly considered and executed on the site. All services are protected against spam and/or fraud. This means if a member comes across a user who is largely misrepresenting themselves in photos and text or acting inappropriately the site will take action immediately. The site also helps members take preventative steps to avoid any risk that can come along side online dating.

In conclusion the site is truly one of the best dating sites for meeting Asian women, well represented both visually and content wise.



Asiafriendfinder.com is the best site for Asians looking to find and create lasting relationships. The website is the largest online Asian dating site with over 3 million users and offers a number of great features such as livechat, refined searches and a free dating expert to help users find success with their online dating experience.

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Asiafriendfinder.com is an online dating site that provides the opportunity for Asian singles to connect and create relationships. The site is focused on creating matches and offers expert search features that make finding a romantic partner or new friend easy and quick. As soon as a user lands on the websites homepage, singles in their area will immediately appear on the screen. This means the user can make connections right away.

The homepage also features a high number of success stories to showcase the sites ability to create well paired matches. The site offers all the basic features found on any dating site; livechat, personalized matching and refined search options, but the best thing Asiafriendfinder has to offer is the high volume of users. The site is largest online dating site for Asians and has over 3 million active users and over 7 million users in the site’s database. Another unique feature of the site is the ability to have a group chats with other users.

The site prides itself on having members create profiles that offer plenty of information in regards to personality. The site encourages users to get really specific, such as identify as a foodies if they are really interested in eating out and trying new foods. Users can also share and connect on the sites blog as another to further showcase their personality and create a unique presence.

Lately, if a user is finding that their natural charm and charisma is not translating into successful dates, asiafriendfinder offers free dating advice to help them find success with dating online. Yes that is right; all users are eligible to receive free dating advice from the sites resident expert.

This website is defiantly the best site for Asians looking to meet other Asians, both locally and globally.



Asiandating is one of the best Asian dating websites because of its high number of users and its trusted reputation in the industry. The site is highly secure and offers a number of great features for users to simply find like-minded singles. The site has over 2 million users and is easily one of the top sites for Asian singles looking to connect and create lasting relationships.

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Asiandating is one of the first online dating sites for Asian singles, located around the world. The site has over 2 million users and a strong reputation for creating excellent matches and offering high quality customer service.

The singles that can be found on the site come from a host of different countries; USA, Europe, Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam and many more Asian countries. The site is strongly committed to helping users find great matches regardless of their location.

The site is free to join and offers a number of communication and match making features. With a free membership a user can create a profile that identifies their key personality traits as well as personal hobbies and interests. After the user profile is complete a number of matches are automatically created and the user can review their matches right away- for free! Once a user is ready to create real connections and start meeting their perfect match, they can upgrade to paid services. The paid services allow members to benefit from the latest technologies and communication tools that will help them connect and court a romantic partner with style and grace.

Asiandating is highly focused on security and preventive risk measures for all members. The site is part of a larger organization and has comprehensive security controls. The site also offers members a range of services to help prevent the risk of frauds and/or scams while using the online services.

Asiandating is a highly trusted and secure site, with a large database of users and this combination makes the site one of the best out there for Asian singles looking to find a loving partner.